Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Return of Chernobog


     Friday August 28th, 2015 was a good night for comebacks on the Sacramento music scene. Not only did the Reality Check TV Sacramento Team return from a Summer break but local favorite Chernobog returned with a big comeback show at the Boardwalk in Orangevale.
 As anyone whose spent anytime attending music events locally knows, the Boardwalk is a really good venue to get close and personal with the bands. What they lack in available parking is more than made up for in good sound and lighting with plenty of room to erupt into a small mosh pit when the mood calls for it. Upon arrival I knew it was going to be a good night when the likes of White Knuckle Riot and Sammy Karlin of Fallrise are in attendance to show support. Early in the evening there was already a small army of the Sacramento faithful filling the place with tons of energy.

Opening bands Without Hope, For All I've Done and Nemesis all played solid sets steadily increasing the momentum as the night progressed as more people arrived. As is usually they case when they arrive at a venue, White Minorities and their faithful band of followers did not disappoint on this night either. There was a noticeable increase in excitement as they played their set as the crowds pressed up to the stage and a sea of cell phones were raised to snap shots and videos of their performance. Those of us with Reality Check TV Sacramento found ourselves competing for the premium landscape to get out shots and video.

By the time Chernobog came on stage the crowd was primed and ready to finish the night on a high and they would not be disappointed. Too often I've been at concerts that have peaked too early in the night and the headliner comes out with a weak set list or poor stage presence and the crowd is left wanting for more. This would not be that kind of night, as one song after another kept the fans fist pumping, headbanging and slamming into each other. Some fans may have recognized new band member Johnny Wishone from his days in Damage Over Time. His addition to Chernobog was fluid and as we have come to expect he brought it. As if they weren't fan friendly enough meeting, greeting and posing for shots before and after their set they also called one lucky member of the Reality Check Sacramento Team onstage to wish her a happy 21st birthday. For those of you that havent seen them and are into metal I highly recommend catching them if you get the chance. You wont be disappointed.

   As always I would like to wish special thanks to all the bands that granted access to the event and stage for photos and video.  Sacramento has so much to offer if you are into music. There are so many good bands out there no matter what genre you are into.  Get out there and check them out and support our local scene!



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